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The Grit is focused on empowering people worldwide to do bigger things, build something and impact people. I do this by collecting and curating knowledge, inspiration and background stories from around the web. I am here for anyone who's interested in Personal Growth.

I share a daily curation of knowledge, inspiration, and techniques for your optimum personal growth and send the most recommended content to your inbox every Monday and Thursday.


I am the co-founder of Lithos Motors, building electric bikes for last mile logistics. Previously I have built 5 racing cars in multiple competitions.

I am an avid learner and implement simple techniques that let me perform better and creatively daily.

My goal with "The Grit" is to save you time and accelerate your growth process. This twice a week newsletter is just the first step of this project, soon we will start a podcast and a video series.

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Angad Singi

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